Luca Crea

Software Engineer

Luca Crea

Software Engineer

Luca Crea

About me

Hi everyone 👋 my name is Luca Crea and I'm a software engineer, but I prefer to consider myself a tech geek with +10 years of multidisciplinary experience, especially in open source.

I'm an endless and humble learner and a believer of technology as a way to innovate, to save resources and to create opportunities.

Whenever I can, I love trying something new, instead of constantly applying the same techniques. This slows me a bit, sometimes, but at the end it's always worth it: it helps me to grow, to stay updated, but most of all, it's fun! 😎



Here's a list of few recent projects I worked on and I'm proud of.


A simple personal portfolio realized as a responsive SPA (single page app).

AWS SES Email Redirect

A Lambda function to redirect SES inbound emails to an external address as an attachment. Relatively easy to configure, with no data lost in the message's header and fully standard compliant.

Le Rune di Giorgio Ferraris

A professional responsive website built with a flat file CMS, Amazon AWS and Docker.